Police & Kids Foundation Christmas Shopping event at the Brooksville Wal-Mart. Print

City of Brooksville Police Detective Tracey Schofield, City of Brooksville Mayor Betty Erhard, Council member Natalie Kahler along with Brooksville Elementary Staff and Santa Clause Participate in Police & Kids Foundation Christmas Shopping event at the Brooksville Wal-Mart.

This year, with generous donations, the Police and Kids foundation was able to meet with the parents of 38 local children for Christmas shopping at the Brooksville Wal-Mart. A special thank you to Wal-Mart staff for decorating the shopping carts and providing food and drinks. Each parent was provided with funds up to $100.00 for each child for the shopping event. The event was a huge, happy and emotional success with many children from our community that will have a better Christmas thanks to the donations received by the Police and Kids Foundation and the efforts of the Brooksville Police Department and our community.

Police and Kids - Holiday Shopping Event at Brooksville Wal-Mart

The Police and Kids Foundation, Inc. is a non-profit 501( C) 3 charity that has been set up with two objectives in mind. First are the immediate needs of a child that we determine is in need of help. The Police and Kids Foundation, Inc. may provide funding so responding officers may purchase items required to help the child in need. This assistance may include food, infant supplies, clothing or obtaining a replacement to lost, stolen or damaged property. Second, is the creation of a scholarship for at least one senior student of the Pinellas Park High School Criminal Justice Academy. The future of our profession begins with programs such as the Criminal Justice Academy. For more information about the foundation or if you would like to make a donation, please visit the Website at: http://www.policeandkids.com/