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Stormwater Management

Introduction and Background

In recent decades, we have come to realize, that instead of polluting, our water, land, and the air we breathe; we have to protect, revitalize, maintain, and sustain these vital resources.The results of mismanagement have been small to great, and local to global.

Recently, everyone can recall the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico and the damage that can result from mismanagement or neglect. In the 1860’s, the U.S. government saw fit to create parks, and set aside lands for the public. The 1970’s saw the environmental movements that took steps to clean up the environment. Institutions such as: National Environmental Policy Act, Clean Air Act, Clean Water Act, Earth Day, Endangered Species Act, founding of Earth Day, the banning of DDT, and the Water Pollution Control Act.

Whether we realize it or not, to some extent, we are all environmentalists. We are concerned about the depletion of our forests, pollution in our water and air, and ultimately, the health and welfare of our families. The City of Brooksville, Department of Public Works is proud to do its part in protecting the environment by, minimizing the entry of pollutants into its precious water resources to provide the community with good, safe drinking water, and swimmable, and fishable waters for all to enjoy. How does this affect you and I?

The City of Brooksville will continue to grow as a desirable community in which to live. An important concern regarding such growth is the risk of increased pollution.

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